Monday, 12 August 2013

Introducing Nocturna Models miniatures

Nocturna Models is a Madrid-based company which specialises in highly detailed resin model kit miniatures. Their miniatures come unpainted and require assembly, and are packaged in either rigid blister plastic packaging (54-mm miniatures) or metal tin boxes (70-mm and above). The latter contains sponges which give added protection to the resin model kit. Below is an introduction to the Nocturna Models as represented by selected products.   

Packaging for Nocturna Models 54-mm, 70-mm and 80-mm miniatures
Freya (54 mm) comes in a rigid blister plastic packaging
Crusader XIII C (70 mm) comes in a tin box with the resin kit sandwiched between two sponges
Le Petit Chaperon (80 mm) comes in similar packaging to the Crusader XIII C model

Because the Nocturna Models miniatures are made from resin, they are extremely detailed. More importantly, mould lines, broken parts (due to the relatively higher brittleness of resin versus metal and plastic), warping, trapped bubbles and other characteristics associated with resin model kits were either non-existent or kept to a minimum. For hobbyists, this means less time spent on preparing the miniatures and getting them ready for priming.  

Freya (54-mm) comprised six separate parts
Crusader XIII C comes with a big base and with minimal assembly required save for the hands and weapons
Le Petit Chaperon comprised 12 separate parts and is the largest mini in Nocturna Models at 80-mm scale

Meanwhile, miniatures sized 70-mm and above also come with numbered HD Cast certificates. All the miniatures including the 54-mm ones come with a picture of a fully painted miniature which can serve as a painting guide for miniature hobbyists.
Both the 70 mm and 80 mm miniatures come with a numbered mini certificate

To give you an idea of the level of detail that the HD Cast has accomplished, below are some Nocturna Models miniatures that were assembled / dry-fitted in preparation for priming and painting. All the models shown below will be painted up and if you are interested to follow the work-in-progress of the models, please check out

A fully assembled (partly dry-fitted) Freya (54-mm)
A fully assembled (partly dry-fitted) Crusader XIII C (70-mm)
Closeup of a partly assembled Le Petit Chaperon (80-mm)

If you are more familiar with tabletop gaming miniatures, please see below for a size comparison of the more ubiquitous 28-mm miniatures vs Nocturna Models miniatures.

From left to right, size comparison of: 28-mm, 54-mm, 70-mm and 80-mm scale miniatures

For starters, Shire Works has brought in a selected range of Nocturna Models miniatures and priced them at very attractive introductory prices. There are limited stocks available so hurry up and take advantage of the early bird prices before it's too late!

COD is available at selected locations in the Klang Valley / Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Please email me at if you want to know more.

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