Monday, 2 September 2013

Introducing Ax Faction miniatures

Ax Faction is a UK-based company which produces edgy and exquisite 32mm resin miniatures with brash styling and provocative design based on the semi-secret sect of Hunters from history. All Ax Faction miniatures are all sculpted from the outset at 32mm scale by hand. They come packaged in a sturdy protective cardboard box measuring about 5cm (length) by 5cm (width) by 2.5cm (height).

Simple but effective packaging for the Ax Faction miniatures
A sample unboxing, in this case the Forsaken Princess or Witch Hunter

Produced for the painter, collector, role-player and wargamer, the Ax Faction miniatures also come with collectible A5-sized art cards. These double-sided cards contain a brief description of the miniatures on one side and it's artwork on the other.

Each Ax Faction miniatures comes with an A5 art card
Both sides of the Forsaken Princess art card

Being a resin model kit, the Ax Faction miniatures are highly detailed and come unpainted as well as require assembly. As with any other resin kits, the miniatures do contain the usual mould lines, flash, etc, which must be removed during the preparation stage prior to priming and painting. Coming soon in the Shire Works blogshop will be a post on how to work with resin miniatures so stay tuned for that. Shown below are some official pictures of unpainted but fully assembled Ax Faction miniatures.

Zombie Hunter - Fully assembled but unpainted
Troll Hunter - Fully assembled but unpainted
Giant Hunter - Fully assembled but unpainted

And here are some official photos of how the Ax Faction miniatures can look like when fully painted up. As you can see, the miniatures make an excellent canvas for painters who delight in smallest of details.

Victorian Darling - Kraken Hunter (painted)
Forsaken princess - Witch Hunter (painted)

Shire Works has brought in a selected range of Ax Faction miniatures into Malaysia and priced them at attractive introductory prices. COD is available at selected locations in the Klang Valley / Kuala Lumpur. Please email me at to know more.

Coming soon: Tips on working with resin model kits.

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