Saturday, 2 November 2013

Zombie Girl makes it into Figure Painter Magazine

Painted as a special Halloween piece for Shire Works, the Knight Models Zombie Girl was lucky enough to be featured in the latest issue of Figure Painter Magazine UK.

Figure Painter Magazine (FPM) - Issue # 6
Knight Models Zombie Girl (as painted for Shire Works) in FPM

Shown in page 99 of Issue 6 of the magazine, the Knight Models Zombie Girl was inspired by the child zombie seen in Season One of The Walking Dead television series. She is one of two miniatures found in the Knight Models Terror Series, the other being the Zombie Hunter as shown below.

Knight Models Zombie Hunter

The following is photo montage of the Knight Models Zombie Girl as painted for Shire Works. Please click on the picture for a larger detailed view of the miniature. If you wish to see more pictures of her, please check out the following blog post => 

Knight Models Zombie Girl, as painted for Shire Works

Thanks for checking out the latest news in Shire Works. Do stay tuned for more stuff!

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