Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Latest Arrival: Ax Faction Urban Monster Hunter

Ax Faction's Urban Monster Hunter is finally here. She is a new 32-mm scale miniature that comes in the usual artisan, hand-stamped boxed as well as an A5-sized art card of an illustration by Nate Van Dyke (please see photo below).

Urban Monster Hunter comes with an A5 art card

An ideal piece for beginners and experts alike, this beautiful miniature comprises the Urban Monster Hunter herself sitting atop a fallen monster which also serves as the base, and a sword. As such minimal prep work is required as there are only two parts to work with.

Ax Faction Urban Monster Hunter (Front view)
Ax Faction Urban Monster Hunter (Back view)

Moreover, the Ax Faction Urban Monster is sold at a very attractive price of RM57 only. Shown below is a size comparison between the miniature and a Malaysian five sens coin.

Top view of the Urban Monster Hunter as compared to a Malaysian 5 sens coin

Check out the Urban Monster Hunter now at the appropriate Shire Works product page ( where you can also take a look at other Ax Faction miniatures available for painters and collectors in Malaysia.


  1. Wow, it's pretty detailed, I guess it will be a hard job to finish this one!

    1. Yeah so true ... for a miniature at this scale, the details is astounding. A challenge worthy for anyone seeking to improve their painting skills. :)