Thursday, 2 July 2015

Nocturna Models Battle Chick [Assembled; unpainted]

Part of Nocturna Models' Necrospace line, the Battle Chick is a 70-mm (1:28 scale) resin miniature that is synonymous with the Spanish company's exquisitely detailed figures. 

Nocturna Models Battle Chick, freshly assembled sans a paint job for now

Shown here fully assembled, the Nocturna Models Battle Chick actually comes in nine separate resin parts of varying sizes. Click here to see details of an unboxing of the mini. 

Going forward, progress on her paint job will be posted on Art and Musings of a Miniature Hobbyist which is the personal blog of Shire Works's in-house miniature painter.

The Battle Chick is currently available from Shire Works. For more information, please select the Nocturna Models product tab below the blog banner, click here or on the ad below.

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