Monday, 9 May 2016

Team Cap or Team Stark? Choose ...

Or better yet, why play favourites when you can have both.

Are you Team Cap or Team Stark? Why not both?

Available from Shire Works are the Marvel Universe miniatures from the Knight Models product line i.e. 1/28th scale metal model kits of Captain America and Iron Man. Comprising a white metal alloy, both miniatures are supplied unpainted and will require assembly.

Knight Models Captain America, 1/28th scale

Both these mainstays of the Marvel Avengers universe come in highly detailed metal parts which can be assembled using super glue. While the the metal miniature can be polished and left as is after assembly, it is highly recommended that hobbyists/modellers paint up the model post-assembly. A fully painted miniature looks best for display purposes.
Knight Models Iron Man, 1/28th scale

If you haven't caught the Captain America: Civil War movie yet, what are you waiting for? It's arguably the best Captain America movie to date and well worth the price of admission. And if afterwards, you feel like assembling and painting up old school versions of Captain America and Iron Man, do yourself a favour and get the Knight Models versions of both. For more info, please check out the following product link on Shire Works => 

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