Friday, 30 December 2016

Coming soon ... painted miniatures and model kits

To complement Shire Works' existing products, we plan to offer customers fully assembled/painted miniatures and scale model kits in the coming months. Here at Shire Works, we understand that not all collectors want to assemble/paint miniatures and model kits. Good news then to those of you who would like to collect figurines and model vehicles as finished end products of display quality.

For now at least, the fully painted/assembled miniatures and model kits will come from our main product lines namely Ax Faction, Knight Models, Nocturna Models as well as from Bandai's Star Wars Plastic Model range. Also for the time being they will not be commissioned works but rather selected pieces chosen by Shire Works.   

Due to the fragility of some of the fully painted/assembled miniatures and model kits, they will be made available only within the Klang Valley on a COD (cash on delivery), for now. However, we do harbour hopes of expanding the availability of these fully painted/assembled miniatures and model kits, outside of the Klang Valley, in the future. Until our next post, here's wishing you a Happy New Year!

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