Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Spider-Man Homecoming

Arguably one of Spidey's big screen adventures in a long time, Spider-Man Homecoming exists within the Marvel Cinematic Universe - a huge storytelling vehicle that ropes all of Marvel Studios’ superheroes into one interconnected movie narrative. Homecoming is not to be confused with Sony Pictures' own Spider-Man offerings i.e. The Amazing Spider-Man which exists in its own story world. Regardless, any Spider-Man movie is a must-see with Spider-Man Homecoming more so than the others.   

Although Knight Models no longer sells miniatures from the Marvel Universe franchise, we here at Shire Works still have some of their Marvel superhero resin/metal miniatures in stock. Shown below is their Spider-Man model kit which comprises a resin base (part of a taxi) and white metal parts of Spidey himself. This miniature requires assembly and paint. To see the Knight Models Spider-Man kit assembly and paint process, click here.  

Knight Models Spider-Man miniature model kit
Unboxed - white metal and resin parts comprise the Knight Models Spider-Man kit

Shown below are photographs of the Knight Model Spider-Man after he had been assembled and painted by our resident modeller/miniature painter FourEyedMonster.

This classic version of Spider-Man by Knight Models sees Spidey in his original suit and not the high-tech one shown in Homecoming. Nevertheless, it's still an excellent kit and has the potential to look good when painted up as you can see above.

So be sure to catch Spidey's latest adventure in the big screens. We here at Shire Works had a blast watching Homecoming and believe it to be one of the best Spidey movies in a long time. And while you are at it, you might also wan to get your own friendly neighborhood Spider-Man miniature to paint up, classic superhero suit and all.

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