Saturday, 17 March 2018

Game of Thrones Bronn using the 54 mm Nocturna Model Crusader as proxy

If you follow the fully painted works of Shire Works you would know by now that we frequently use existing figure model kits as proxies for their more famous alter egos. Our latest one involves the Nocturna Models Crusader 54 mm resin figure kit from their Heroes and Legends series. Here he is used to represent a character from the Game of Thrones fantasy universe namely Bronn the Sellsword.

54 mm Nocturna Models The Crusader painted as Game of Thrones Bronn the Sellsword
Bronn's woeful expression befits his situation as someone caught up in events bigger than himself
Bronn the Sellsword has been painted in the colours of House Lannister

Detailed freehand painting of the House Lannister heraldry/sigil is the clearest indication that this miniature has been painted as a proxy for a character from the Game of Thrones fantasy universe. It helps that this figurine has facial features that closely approximate those of the intended character i.e. Bronn the Sellsword

Freehand painting of the House Lannister heraldy on Bronn's leather armour
White underclothing, brown boots and green grassy base round up the mainly red colour scheme
Leather armor is sculpted with realistic folds and accessories
Detailed scabbard and leather straps adorn the waist area of Bronn's armour

Bronn's overall colour scheme was inspired by the character's appearance in Season 7 of the Game of Thrones television series. Painted, of course, using some creative license.

54 mm Nocturna Models The Crusader [Completed as Bronn the Sellsword]
Technically Bronn is now an anointed knight of House Lannister ...
... and no longer the mercenary he once was
This figurine has excellent sculpted details which have been brought to life through paint
The reds of House Lannister are dull and dark ...
... brightened up only by the golds of its heraldic design i.e. the Lannister Lion
Side view of Nocturna Models The Crusader
54 mm Nocturna Models The Crusader is an excellent resin figure kit

Coming in at 54 mm scale, this figurine is larger than your average tabletop gaming miniature. Shown below is the size of the figurine in comparison to a paperclip and a five sen coin.

Bronn the Sellsword aka Nocturna Models The Crusader resin miniature, scale comparison

Below is a video of the fully painted 54 mm Nocturna Models The Crusader resin figurine showing a complete 360 degree view. 

This project shows that you don't always have to paint the miniature as how it was intended. Your imagination is the limit and you should always paint figurines based on what inspires you most. Most importantly have fun with the hobby and enjoy what you do.