Friday, 5 October 2018

Spider-Man comes to the PS4 but you can still enjoy the friendly neighbourhood analog version

If you are a Marvel fan and a video gamer to boot, you would've probably been caught up in the hoopla of the recent PS4-exclusive release i.e. Marvel Spider-Man by Insomniac Games. Spider-Man is a firm favorite for many superhero comic book fans so his return to the interactive world of video games is undoubtedly a highly anticipated one. And by and large so far, the game has received favorable reviews from a myriad of critics. This certainly bodes well for digital Spidey and his fans.

But digital isn't the only way you can enjoy Spider-Man. You can bring him to life yourself by painting up the Knight Models miniature figurine kit version. Fortunately, Shire Works still has limited stock available for this Marvel Spider-Man kit. It should be noted Knight Models no longer holds the license to produce Marvel miniatures. The product shown here (see below) is no longer in production. Once sold out, it can no longer be restocked by us.

Knight Models metal/resin miniature figurine kit of Marvel's Spider-Man
Knight Models Spider-Man unboxed: the resin/metal parts are protected by foam packaging

Because this is a miniature figurine kit, it requires assembly and paint. Parts are mainly made out of metal e.g. Spider-Man himself as well as the taxicab side windows, roof signage and door handles. The only part that is non-metal is the taxicab itself which is made from resin and doubles as a base on which the Spider-Man figurine rests.

Resin (vehicle) and metal (Spider-Man) parts of the Knight Models miniature figurine kit
A fully-assembled Spider-Man being posed tentatively on top of the vehicle cum base

Below are photographs of the Knight Models Spider-Man figurine after the assembled resin/metal figurine kit was painted by our resident miniature painter. As you can see, for the kit to fully realize its potential it needs to be assembled and then painted. 

Knight Models Spider-Man after it has been painted by our resident miniature painter
Lettering and checkered design on the side of the vehicle base was painted freehand
Spider-Man has a suitably dynamic pose atop the taxicab
Top down view of the fully-painted Knight Models Spider-Man
A makeshift support comprising a piece of sprue/runner was used to increase stability of the overall kit
Color scheme primarily consists of primary hues of red, blue and yellow
Spider-man, Spider-man, does whatever a spider can ...
Apart from primary colors, the scheme has light turquoise as well as neutral hues of black and white
Painting the base as a New York taxicab adds to the story that is Spider-Man's universe
Spider-Man's agility is a strength and that has been brought to life by a fantastic pose  

Knight Models Marvel Spider-Man miniature figurine kit retails for RM245 in Shire Works excluding shipping. Cash-on-Delivery is available for selected locations in the Klang Valley. These are for sale in Malaysia only and if you're interested please do fill up the contact form on the right. That's all for now from us at Shire Works. Have yourself a great day!

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