Sunday, 29 March 2020

Stay Home, Stay Safe & A Quick Word On Shire Works

Stay Home and Stay Safe
During the COVID-19 pandemic, Shire Works hopes our dear readers are safely at home obeying the Movement Control Order (MCO) in place in Malaysia. By staying at home you will not only be helping yourself but you will also help to keep our brave frontline workers - such as the doctors, nurses, and healthcare workers in the hospitals as well as the police and army personnel trying to enforce the MCO - all safe from the spread of this virus.

A Quick Word on Shire Works
Shire Works's business model has changed somewhat over these past few years to emphasize the sale of fully painted miniatures and scale model kits as completed by our resident modeller FourEyedMonster at Although unpainted miniatures and model kits that require assembly will still be sold at Shire Works, going forward we'll focus on assembling and painting them up before selling them.

In addition over the past few years, we've been and will continue to purchase off-the-shelf miniatures and scale model kit in order to: - assemble and build them up, paint them, weather them, and even sometimes place them in dioramas before putting them up for sale. The prices for such pieces will vary depending on the cost of the miniature and scale model kit, the cost of painting materials and the cost of man hours put in to paint them.

Thank you, dear reader, for taking the time to read this post.
Remember ... stay home, stay safe!

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