Knight Models

Knight Models is a unique line of miniature models based on popular licenses. Produced for painters and collectors, the Knight Models model kits are faithfully portrayed down to the smallest details.

Comprising either white metal alloy or high quality resin, the miniatures are supplied unpainted and will require assembly. The Knight Models miniatures are in 1/28th scale with individual figures ranging, on average, from 60-mm to 90-mm in actual height.

Knight Models - Marvel Universe Series

RM245 - Iron Man Special Edition (White metal model kit)
RM245 - Iron Man Mark-1 (White metal model kit)
RM224 - Logan (White metal model kit)
RM245 - Spiderman (White metal and resin model kit)
RM335 - The Hulk with 3 head options (Resin model kit)
RM224 - Elektra (White metal model kit)
RM245 - Magneto (White metal model kit)
RM245 - Wolverine (White metal model kit)
RM245 - Captain America (White metal model kit)
RM245 - Thor (White metal model kit)
RM245 - Loki (White metal model kit)

Knight Models - Terror Series

RM154- Zombie Girl (White metal model kit)
RM245 - Zombie Hunter (White metal model kit)

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