Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Work-in-Progress shots [March 2015]

Below are work-in-progress photographs of some of the miniatures available from the Shire Works blogshop. It runs the gamut of all the product lines currently carried by us i.e. Knight Models, Nocturna Models and Ax Faction. All the miniatures are being painted by Shire Works's own in-house painter Kuan Hua aka FourEyedMonster whose personal hobby blog can be accessed through this link => Each composite picture below can be clicked on to reveal a much detailed and larger version for better viewing.

Knight Models The Hulk [1/28th scale], work-in-progress

First up is the Knight Models The Hulk resin miniature with work done mainly on his skin tone and pants. The Hulk's pants painted to simulate a denim texture while work on is skin was the result of many hours of wet blending and layering in order to achieve a relatively smooth transition between the shadows and highlights. A 31-mm paperclip and the smallest coin in the Malaysian currency five sen coin is placed next to it for size comparison. 

Nocturna Models Akelarre Enchantment [1/28th scale], work-in-progress

Next is the Nocturna Models Akelarre Enchantment resin miniature whose paint job is inspired by the Game of Thrones character Daenerys Targaryen. Progress to date has seen her clothes painted in light pastel colours while the dragon perched on her arm is in greenish hues. A lot of work lies ahead including but not limited to her skin tone, clothing accessories as well as more paint-hours to improve the contrast on her lightly coloured clothes.

Ax Faction Zombie Hunter [32-mm scale], work-in-progress

Last but not least is the smallest miniature of the bunch i.e. the Ax Faction Zombie Hunter. Work on his unique base has been completed while work is ongoing on the hunter's skin tone and bottom half of his torso. That leaves his billowing cloak, hair, eyes and weapon (double axe) as the main components yet to be painted. As with the other two work-in-progress miniatures, a paperclip and five sen coin is used to convey a sense of scale.

Meanwhile, you can click on the blog ads above to reach the respective product line pages for info on stuff available to painters and collectors in Malaysia. If you wish to check out the ordering process to obtain a miniature of your own from Shire Works, please click here.

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